General Dentistry

General Dentistry is routine care provided for you and your family and involves regular maintenance and prevention, appropriate intervention and onward referral if necessary.

We believe that “prevention is better than cure” and we therefore try to guide you with appropriate instruction to allow you to better care for your own oral health.  This means showing you how to care for your teeth and gums and offering dietary advice.

The keys to good oral health are:

  • Brush and clean between your teeth regularly
  • Reduce frequency of sugary snacks/drinks consumption
  • Regular visits to the dentist (and hygienist)

We have a dental therapist and hygienist who are trained to assist in supporting your oral health requirements.  They are a very important part of the practice team and can help to control gum disease. Our fully trained therapist is also qualified to do fillings of all types on adult and children’s teeth, extractions of milk teeth and placement of stainless steel crowns on children’s teeth.

The British Dental Health Foundation has an excellent online information resource with leaflets covering a wide range of dental topics. 

These can be found at: