Cosmetic Dentures

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lady before and after image 15Teeth form an important part of our faces and can have quite an important role in self-esteem and self-confidence.  Studies have shown that people with nice smiles are more successful in life and often more likely to succeed in job interviews compared with those with less aesthetic smiles.

For those who have lost all or some of their teeth, dentures are required to allow function and to provide a smile.  These pieces of plastic not only allow chewing of your food but they are also very important for the support of your facial muscles.  We’ve all seen people with dentures that don’t support the muscles correctly with the resultant effect that their face collapses and they age by at least 10 years.  This effect is so drastic that the provision of well supporting dentures has often been described by some as the “non surgical facelift”.

We offer some different prosthetic options tailored to your individual need and budget.

NHS dentures offer a basic functional prosthesis to meet your needs.  These are fabricated with standard pink acrylic bases and standard NHS teeth.

For those who desire a more aesthetic denture there is the private option.  Private denture teeth are manufactured in layers to closely mimic the characteristics seen in natural teeth.  The teeth set-up can be customised to your individual requirements and if an old wedding photo exists showing the shape, position and shade of your natural teeth this can be used to achieve a more personal realistic result.  The pink bases are fabricated in high impact acrylic with a clear palate if desired.  We feel that private dentures provide a result, which looks as close to nature as possible.

Cobalt-chrome denture bases are also available for partial dentures to provide a denture which is thinner and stronger than acrylic. These dentures are also kinder to the gums because they are supported  by your teeth instead of your gums.