Living with Covid - Keeping patients and staff safe

While restrictions are changing throughout the country,  health care settings have been advised to continue with previous guidance . Covid 19 Update

Within dentistry we are working very closely with patient’s mouths . We are up very close with their breath and we know that Covid transmits through the air. We will still be wearing additional PPE to protect everyone.  

If you are a vulnerable person with pre-existing medical conditions, you can make a decision not to go to the supermarket, restaurant, pub and you can avoid public transport. You cannot avoid going to your hospital, GP practice or dental appointment.

We will still be following Covid guidance from Public Health Scotland. 

Please arrive at the practice with a face mask and sanitise your hands on arrival. Lateral Flow Testing before your appointment would also be helpful. If you are Covid positive and still in the recovery period please do not attend the practice. 

We are still working with restricted capacity for appointments and a large backlog of care to get through. 

Routine checkups and subsequent care is our priority to look after all our patients.

Thank you once again for your patience and support.