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Dental Implant Referral Service

Weir & McClafferty Dental Care have rolled out a new Dental Implant Service to patients in Inverclyde. Dental implantsare one of the most successful treatment options in dentistry today, giving us another option for replacing lost teeth. Previously, the only options for tooth replacement would have been to have a denture or a bridge.

Until now dental implants at Weir & McClafferty Dental Care have only been available to our own patients but from now, anyone in Inverclyde requiring this type of treatment can be referred by their own dentist to Weir & McClafferty Dental Care for a one off implant treatment or they can self-refer for assessment.

For patients who need to have a tooth replaced this will be welcome news as, until now, it has been necessary to travel to an implant dentist in Glasgow for this treatment.

Recognising the need to offer this service to patient's locally, Fergus has undertaken extensive training over the past ten years working with some of the most respected implantologists in dentistry, both at home and abroad.

Explaining why he has a special interest in this field, Fergus said, “Losing a tooth can be a very scary experience, it can cause anxiety and really dent someone's confidence. Having an implant can take away this anxiety as there are many benefits over other treatment options available. Put simply, implants deal with the space where the tooth has come out without the need to involve other teeth in the process, unlike a denture or bridge. This is a huge advantage and is why they're recognised as the gold standard treatment option for anyone who has lost a natural tooth”.

Fergus continued, 'Implant patients have found improved comfort in the mouth leading to better speech, and very importantly it has been proven to increase many patient's confidence and self-esteem.'

Local dentists within Inverclyde can refer their own patients to Weir & McClafferty Dental Care for this treatment on a one-off basis, meaning all implant patients no longer have to travel to an implantologist out-with the local area.

Fergus concluded; 'I'm delighted to be able to offer this treatment right here in Gourock. Patient's don't need the added stress and cost of having to travel and this will not only benefit our own patients but those of my dental colleagues locally.'



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